Consultant Care: Your roadmap to success.

We have the systems and programs in place to free you from the burden of HR and compliance administration so you can focus your time on billable work.


A few quick things before you start your project.

The Consultant Care program is specifically designed for busy consultants to provide the back office support you need and set you up for success as a consultant at CompuGain.

Complete your onboarding paperwork

You'll need to fill out a background check, non-compete, and employment agreement.

Discuss benefits and how to use them

It's time to talk about vacation time.

Review company policies and get started

This ensures you're set up for success at your new placement.


Get the support you need to excel.


Comprehensive Benefits

We provide comprehensive medical, dental & vision insurance coverage for all full-time consultants.

Training and Education

We'll provide the tools you need to learn and keep pace in the rapidly evolving technology landscape.

Personal Engagement

Throughout your placement we'll stay in touch to ensure everything is going smoothly.


CompuGain’s goal is to offer an exceptional experience for our Consultants.  We believe investing in our team members is the best way for us to develop strong, long-lasting partnerships.

Chris Lorek

General Manager @ CompuGain