Sailendra Pinupolu


Washington D.C. Metro Area


Python, Java, JavaScript (NodeJS), Ansible, Docker, Jenkins,  AWS Lambda, API Gateway, DynamoDb, SQS, SNS, Athena, Glue, Cognito, AppSync, Step Functions, Kinesis, CloudFormation, Elastic BeanStalk, ECS, X-Ray

Current Role

Senior Consultant - The College Board

Career Goal

Start a company that leverages machine learning


Sailendra Pinupolo is a senior technology consultant working with financial institutions in the Washington DC market. Over the past 10 years his career has progressed from production support to cutting edge dev-ops and automated testing with machine learning in the cloud.

Back in 2005, Sailendra was getting ready to complete a project at Fannie Mae when he started looking for new opportunities. Like many developers, he wanted to advance his career and work on new and exciting projects using the latest technology.

While Sailendra was on the lookout for the next step in his career, he decided to make a list of all the companies that could help him achieve his goals. CompuGain made his shortlist and after a personal interview with founder Debasish Hota decided they were the best talent partner to work with.

Since joining CompuGain, Sailendra has worked on projects at 4 different companies and has been exposed to a broad range of technology challenges. These experiences have provided exciting new opportunities to learn new skills and grow as a technologist.


Leveraging technology to help clients succeed

Implementing the right technology in the right way can help large financial institutions save millions of dollars, improve their product experience and avoid costly errors.

Sailendra worked on a project team at Fannie Mae that built automated processes testing processes to catch defects in quality centers. Saving thousands of hours of manual testing.

The next opportunity that CompuGain helped Sailendra land was as a Dev-Ops and Automation specialist at FINRA. This role helped Sailendra gain valuable experience in big-data and AWS tooling leveraging technologies including Puppet, Jenkins, Selenium, Protractor, Karma, Jasmine, and Qunit for automated testing.

FINRA hackathon

During his time at FINRA, Sailendra was able to participate in on-site events that included competing with 250 other engineers over two days to find data driven solutions in the annual Createathon.

In 2017, Sailendra was looking for an opportunity that would reduce the commute to Maryland from his home in Ashburn, Virginia.

CompuGain was able to quickly provide a new opportunity at The College Board again working in Dev-Ops and Automation with a focus on cloud and micro-services engineering.


Leveling up through continuous growth

Throughout his career Sailendra has taken a pro-active approach to improving his skills, and ultimately his billable rate.

In the past 12 months alone Sailendra has completed 29 courses and certifications.

These projects range from IBM certifications in Applied Data Science to DataCamp qualifications in Machine Learning and even include exploration of decentralized blockchain technologies.

Most recently Sailendra completed Coursera’s AI for Everyone course, but his learning doesn’t stop there. He’s also taken the time to work on Machine Learning projects that he shares on GitHub along with Jupiter notebooks from his research.

Sailendra believes this investment in learning new and powerful skills will improve his marketability to new employers and increase his market rate.

While learning the latest technology and leveling up on specialized skills can improve a consultants positioning in the market, finding the best opportunities can be time consuming and requires the right connections to get in front of the people making hiring decisions.

CompuGain can help.

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