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My career is on a completely different trajectory since I started working with CompuGain.

I wanted to work on new and interesting projects in automation and machine learning. CompuGain has allowed me to find and land the projects that are best aligned with my career goals.

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Most of us want to make progress and achieve our career goals.

But there isn’t a clear roadmap to get there, and worse the people who should be able to help you achieve your goals are more interested in selling you as a product than as person.

Are you frustrated about applying to job posting and never hearing back?

Are you tired of recruiters calling about projects you have no interest in?

Are you sick of being placed on a project then kicked to the curb the next time around?

What if you knew that while you’re writing code you had a team working to find your next big opportunity?

If you knew exactly where your next opportunity was coming from, you could simply focus on doing the work you enjoy.

You could stop worrying. “Is my bill rate going to be as good on my next project?”

You could stop worrying. “My project is ending, what will I do next?”

You could stop worrying. “Will my skills be good enough to get the bill rate I want?”’’

You could create a real plan for your career and level up the skills you need to achieve your goals.

Your personal talent agent will find new project opportunities that align with your goals AND provide the support you need to land them.


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– Act as an evangelist for you with potential employers.

– Help you build a roadmap to reach your goals.

– Be available to support you via phone, email or in-person.

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